Seth Godin on Failing Until You Succeed

Here’s a great video from Seth Godin about the importance of failing, not being afraid to take risks, and taking initiative. Worth watching.

The Importance of Being Results-Oriented

As I continue to progress in my career and life, I am continuously reminded the importance of being results-oriented. There are many benefits, however, I will boil it down to five –

1. It forces you to define your priorities – Defining the desired outcome forces you to define what’s most important before taking action.

2. It forces you to take ownership – Without defining your goals, you’re hoping something good will happen without taking ownership of the outcome.

3. It allows you to be flexible – With a predefined target, you’re now focused on achieving a goal versus executing a strict plan. You’re now free to be creative. Your Plan A may not work perfectly – so you must create and execute a Plan B, C, D, and so on to reach your target.

4. It allows you to measure your progress – Without a goal, you don’t have a benchmark. You may feel busy, but without a benchmark it’s difficult to determine whether your efforts are taking you in the right direction.

5. It gives you a greater chance of being successful – Without a goal, there is no concerted effort towards success – energy is being wasted on countless random efforts. With all efforts focused on hitting a target, you’re much more likely to be successful.


(Don’t Just) Follow Your Passion

I love this video. Cal Newport, a professor at Georgetown, suggests people shouldn’t just “follow their passion,” as mainstream media would suggest. This is too abstract, he says, as it suggests that people should first discover their passion without any real experience. In this video, he presents a much more concrete solution to obtaining a life you’re passionate about –

1. Pick an interesting field and start working in it
2. Discover through experience what you really want
3. Gain rare and valuable skills in your current position
4. Leverage those skills to get what you want 

And that’s it, folks. Trade your skills upwards for a life you want.