The Importance of Being Results-Oriented

As I continue to progress in my career and life, I am continuously reminded the importance of being results-oriented. There are many benefits, however, I will boil it down to five –

1. It forces you to define your priorities – Defining the desired outcome forces you to define what’s most important before taking action.

2. It forces you to take ownership – Without defining your goals, you’re hoping something good will happen without taking ownership of the outcome.

3. It allows you to be flexible – With a predefined target, you’re now focused on achieving a goal versus executing a strict plan. You’re now free to be creative. Your Plan A may not work perfectly – so you must create and execute a Plan B, C, D, and so on to reach your target.

4. It allows you to measure your progress – Without a goal, you don’t have a benchmark. You may feel busy, but without a benchmark it’s difficult to determine whether your efforts are taking you in the right direction.

5. It gives you a greater chance of being successful – Without a goal, there is no concerted effort towards success – energy is being wasted on countless random efforts. With all efforts focused on hitting a target, you’re much more likely to be successful.